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 Not all water damage scenarios are created equal.  Act quickly to preserve your property. 

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Stop Wasting Time

 Water damage happening can be a headache and a half. Let us help you.  

It’s happens unexpectedly and can cause various damages to your property. It can happen in obvious and non-obvious areas. Being knowledgeable and prepped is essential when dealing with a water intrusion event and for contacting a local water damage restoration company.

Water damage doesn’t discriminate. And it will  cause a stressful experience full of headaches.  Total Care Restoration will alleviate those water damage headaches by providing a hassle free, fast, effective, and transparent service from the consultation through completion.

Time is what you're fighting against. 

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Common Causes of Water Damage

 What A Water Damage Restoration Process Timeline Looks Likes

Why Us?

Miami's Water Damage Restoration Service Professionals


  • Served over 1000+ clients in the South Florida and helped Panama City get back up on their feet. We handle all types of complex water damage restoration projects.   
  • Account managers are personally assigned to each project. Frustrated? Completely lost about what your policy covers? Just downright mad? These are the people to talk to or take it out on -express your concerns, they have answers.
  • Our local response time is next to none. We know our city from end to end, every nook and cranny.
  • IICRC & NORMI certified technicians are trained to execute your project in a clean, fast and efficient manner.
  • 24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration Response - Call Us Anytime of the Day or Night.
  • Direct Insurance Billing Specialists

Benefits of Direct Insurance Billing 

  • Little or No Out-of-Pocket Expenses 
  • Convenience - We Deal Directly With Your Insurance To Alleviate Any Headaches Navigating Your Claims Process.
  • Take Advantage of Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy You Have Been Paying For All Along 

Water Damage Restoration Service FAQ's


What does the water damage restoration process look like? 

  • Sign a Work Authorization Form
  • Locate the water source
  • Stop the water from causing more damage
  • Begin the water dry out
  • Leave equipment to dry areas
  • Monitor equipment every 24 hours
  • Confirm that the affected areas are dry
  • Sign a Completion Sheet


    How long should the water damage restoration process take?

    Not all water damage is alike so each project will vary. On average, water damage repair takes 5 days. Your account manager will know these details.


    What certifications are required for water damage repair?

    The Institute of Inspection and Restoration Certification(IICRC) provides a set of standards for fixing water damage. Both our account managers and technicians have passed this rigorous test.


    Can water damage cause mold in my property?

    Mold thrives in moist environments. And leaving water damage unattended for more then 24-hours could be the ideal circumstances for mold growth.  


    Do I have to leave my home or business during the restoration? 

    You can stay in your home or business if the restoration project doesn’t require reconstruction. On the other hand, equipment can be noisy and make the air unlivable because of the constant air movement. 


    Are the chemicals used that could be harmful to me or my pets? 

    All of our anti-microbials or biocides are rated safe for children or pets.  If you have any concerns about toxicity please speak to your account manager so they can provide you with a Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS sheets). 

    This Is A Surreal Circumstance But...

    If This happened To Your Property Our Team Could Still Get Your House Back To Preexisting Conditions.  Our technicians specialize in remedying properties affected by water damage.  We have experts that can help you restore the spaces in your home, apartment Or office.  In the event of an emergency, after you have secured your loved ones and contacted the local authorities, contact Total Care Restoration. we will respond as soon as possible & stop additional damage from taking place.

    Google Review Testimonials

    "High level of professionalism and excellence in customer service!! Quick response, kind attention!! Definitely a trustworthy company!! Even though I was unlucky to have issues in my apartment due to a series of water leaks coming from the apartment above mine I was very lucky to have Total Care Restoration team to work on it. Right after my attorney notified me that he hired them I got a phone call from Peterson Martins - who was in charge of my case throughout the process - to schedule his visit which happened the day after. Also, once he got the proper approval, he coordinated his team to immediately come do the dry out work which was led by Jesus Campos. Both Peterson and Jesus were very informative and also, they clarified all my questions, explaining me each detail of the issues. I'm extremely satisfied and highly recommend Total Care Restoration!!"


    "Thank you total care for being a complete life savior! My house flooded because of the toilet and they were able to arrive within an hour. Stressful time for my family and I but thankfully Peterson updated us everyday and was honestly an incredible person to deal with. Harold and the others were really nice and would show me how the job was progressing which I liked a lot."


    "Very responsive and quick to come assess the plumbing and moisture issue we had. Everyone we encountered was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Made a stressful situation feel at ease giving detailed explanation of next steps. Will recommend to anyone dealing with leaks or moisture issues."


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