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Most DIY techniques are not effective in eliminating all mold because individuals have limited access to the proper equipment. If you are continuously scrubbing an area and mold stubbornly reappears, there is a good chance that you have not completely removed the existing mold spores. Mold grows and spreads quickly.

If you had water damage then there is a good chance that mold could be growing in your home or business. If you do find water damage you may want to read our water damage restoration guide.

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Mold Is Dangerous & Here's Why

We believe in educating our customers completely. Mold is dangerous because spores that spread can eventually cause health problems over longer periods of exposure. "Toxic Mold" also known as black mold is what you should be concerned with. The scientific name for toxic mold is Stachybotrys.  What makes toxic mold dangerous is what is known as  Mycotoxins.   

How Mycotoxins Spread
  • Certain Species of molds Create a toxic-by-product known as mycotoxins.
  • When and why they produce them varies by species, but poor growth conditions or lack of nutrients are common causes.
  • Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin are two of the most common examples of mycotoxins.
How Mycotoxins Spread
  • If you have a species of Mold That produces Mycotoxins, these will naturally Spread in Your Home.
  • However, Mycotoxins can also attach To other spores and Transfer To other types of mold.
  • If This happens, The mycotoxins can kill and colonize other species of Mold
  • This means that in time, even Molds That normally don't Produce Mycotoxins can hold them in your home.
The Threat of a Mycotoxins
  • Like other types of mold, people who are sensitive to mycotoxins can have allergy-like symptoms, like sneezing or eye irritation.
  • However, by coming in contact with lungs and skin, it can cause other issues as well.
  • These Symptoms include joint aches, skin irritation, and ear infections.
  • Mycotoxins can also interact with the central nervous system, leading to fatigue, depression symptoms, and brain fog.

The Bad News?  

Mycotoxins Can Lead To Serious Health Issues If Left Unchecked, Especially For Children And The Elderly.

The Good News?

Getting Mold Remediation Done Can Rid Your Home Of Any Mycotoxins. Make Sure To Bring Your Concerns Up In The Initial Consultation.

Wondering What Goes Into Professional Mold Removal? Watch This Video

Part of pursuing mold removal services is using the expertise, tools, and experience of professionals to help your home.  Taking a closer look at what exactly mold removal services Can Look Like From Beginning to End. 

Depending on the location of the mold and the nature of your home, the exact process of remediation will vary, but this Video gives you a basic principles behind remediation.

And Here's How Mold Can Affect You & Your Home

Mold Kid Sneezing

Prolonged Exposure to mold Can Trigger mold Allergies. Just like a pollen or food allergy, these stem from the immune system overreacting after inhalding mold Spores. Any mold spore can trigger an Allergy. Typicall Symptoms include:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny/Stuffy Nose
  • Coughing/Postnasal Drip
  • Itching in the eyes,Nose, and Throat
  • Watery Eyes
  • Dried Skin

In addition, people with Existing conditions like asthma may experience issues if they are exposed to mold. There's also the risk of respiratory infections or conditions like bronchitis. For toxic mold, the effects can be pronounced, including:

  • Wheezing
  • Depression
  • respiratory Problems
  • Lethargy
Guy Depressed

There's also potential risks when it comes to your home itself. In some cases, mold can damage parts of your home, like paint, wallpaper, or drywall. Having to replace these can be a major expense. Another source of concern is if your mold comes from water damage. Water Damage has Far-reach effects, from ruining valuables to damaging a home's  foundation. 

DIY Mold Remediation In Homes Is A Big Mistake!


There’s a lot of false knowledge that gets handed out in the DIY world

For example, a lot of people may suggest that bleach is the proper way to kill mold, but this isn’t the case at all. This is just One Misconception Of Many. 


Professional Companies wear protective gear as well as take the time to isolate the affected area before the remediation process starts. These are specialized Techniques That require Training  DIYer's Don't have.

The result could Be putting yourself at risk as well as giving the mold a chance to spread to other areas of the home.

Hidden Mold

This is probably the biggest place where DIY Mold Remediation falls short. Generally, what people do to get rid of mold themselves is seek it out based on sight and smell.

this isn’t always going to help you find all the mold in your home Including the foundation, attic, or  Even behind your walls. In some Cases You may need to remove parts of the home to get to the mold.  and That should be left up to the experts.

A Typical Mold Emergency Phone Call Happens This Way.

1)  Water Event 2)  Mold Creation  3)  Testing Company  4) Mold Removal  5)Post Remediation Verification

A Game Plan For When You Suspect Mold In Your Home 

The initial growth stages of mold take only 24-48 hours to develop! Here is action Plan list that can help Property owners & Mold sensitive People be better prepared before A mold remediation Company shows up.

STEP 1 -Take Care Of Water:  You Can Prevent Things From Getting Too Out Of Hand By Taking The Initiative For Trying to remove Outstanding Water. It is suggested to Wear Some Sort Of Protective Clothing, Including A N-95 Respirator, Protective Gloves, And Some Sort Of Apron When Doing This type of work.

If you suspect any major Leaks it's best to call a plumbing Company Instead of Trying to Fix it Yourself.

STEP 2 -Be Ready To Fix Adjacent Issues: Mold Growth Can Also Be A Symptom Of Another Problem In Your House, Like A Leak.

Depending On What Contractors You Use, You May Be Able To Get Mold Remediation Services And Other Necessary Repairs Done At Once. It’s Good Idea To Be proactive in planning & Budgeting for these projects beforehand.  

Close-up Of A Shocked Woman Looking At Mold In A Room

STEP 3 - Mold Inspection vs. a Mold Testing:  home mold tests can be unreliable.  You’re better off having a mold remediation company coming in to do an inspection on your property.  An inspection is basically a professional evaluation of your property to see if you have an elevated mold problem and if a professional mold test is necessary. 

On the other hand, mold testing includes physical sampling and detailed evaluation of data that reveals the origin, identity, location of mold growth greater than 10 sq. ft.  Mold testing is done by a 3rd party mold assessor that is separate from the mold remediation company. 

Please take a note of this that  It’s a conflict of interest if the person administering the testing is also doing the mold removal.

Step 4 -Check With Your Insurance Company: In general, insurance companies only cover mold remediation costs if the mold issue stems from what is called a “covered peril.”  this includes sudden, accidental situations, like when your gutters causing a roof leak and sudden mold.

By comparison, mold that slowly grows in your shower likely won’t be covered. Situations like natural disasters generally require their own insurance.  Take pictures of the mold and related damage if you plan on filing a claim.

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Mold Remediation Services In Miami

Total Care Restoration has a dedicated team ready to help you. Also we diagnose each problem and come up with potential mold removal solutions for you.

You can expect to enjoy a both professional and friendly environment. We will provide you with quality work that will encourage you to share with your loved ones.

Let our mold remediation Miami team take care of you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When Should You Be Concerned About Mold In Your Property?

Q.  How much Drywall Will You Have to Remove?

A.  We have To Remove 2 feet Past The affected Area On Both Sides.

q. Are you Using Chemical That Are Bad for us or Our Pets?

A.  No, all products We use are safe for People and animals.  

Q. How long Does the Mold removal Process Take

a. The time it takes to for the mold Removal Process Depends on many variables but could take anywhere from 1 -5 days.

q.  Can Mold Affect Your health?

A.  it affects Everyone Differently. It may not bother you, while on the other hand someone Else Could get severely Sick.  However,  long-term Exposure to Mycotoxin-Releasing Molds Can Cause Health issues in all People.

Q. Can we be home During The Remediation?

A.  in most Cases, yes due To building Containment Areas.  Consult with your Mold Assessor To understand Your Situation Better. 

Q. How do we know The Job is done right?

A.  We Do a Post Remediation Verification which Entails testing to ensure that all surface Mold is removed and That Your Air Quality is Back to Safe Conditions.

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