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Water Restoration Miami Team

First of all, we take care of leaks, foundation cracks, natural disasters, moisture buildups and more.  All the previous are only a few of the things that can cause water damage.

Many times these symptoms indicate a more serious problem, like mold growth. Because of potential hazards it is important to work with a water damage restoration company familiar with Miami and South Florida.

Total Care combines the latest technology and methods administered by a competent and compassionate team, bringing you and your loved ones peace-of-mind.

Miami and South Florida is our backyard, and we pride ourselves in keeping it as beautiful as it is.

Miami’s Water Damage Restoration Professionals

Total Care Restoration’s team members have passed rigorous tests to ensure that they are knowledgeable and capable of handling complex restoration projects.  Staff receive continuous training and are briefed on a project’s specifics before arriving on-site. Also they receive information about alternative solutions that most companies do not offer.

Total Care Restoration firmly believes in the importance of working with a highly trained team and empowering them to solve problems quickly. Total Care Restoration understands that the competency and professionalism of the staff is a reflection of the entire company.

Miami Water Damage Restoration

Quick and Effective Solutions from Water Damage Experts

Many visitors to this page arrive because they recently experienced a stressful circumstance leading to the need for water damage restoration services in Miami.

At Total Care Restoration, we will alleviate the stress associated with these moments by providing fast, effective, and transparent services from the consultation through completion.

Our technicians specialize in remedying properties affected by water damage.  We have experts that can help you restore the spaces in your home, apartment, and office to as close to the condition they were in previously.

In the event of an emergency, after you have secured your loved ones and contacted the local authorities, contact Total Care Restoration and we will respond as soon as possible. And we will stop additional damage from taking place.

Water Restoration Miami & South Florida

While the unique architecture and climate that has made South Florida a desirable destination for generations, it has also made some water restoration projects in Miami challenging.

Jobs sometimes require advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology.  Rest assured that our team receives extensive training and are well equipped to utilize the latest tools to handle virtually any water restoration project.

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Possible Causes of Water Damage

Some of the reasons why you would require a water damage restoration service may be obvious. However, many issues will not be that obvious.

Total Care Restoration will help you determine whether you require the help of a professional to perform the water restoration, and if there are alternatives solutions.

Storm Surge

Pipe Burst

Faulty Shower

Overflowing Toilet

Leaking Roof

Thorough Assessment Of Every Water Damage

If you need water restoration services in Miami, contact Total Care Restoration and the first thing we will do is evaluate your situation.

Free Water Restoration Evaluation

We will not charge you for an initial water damage consultation, so don’t hestitate to contact us. Also we can get a good idea over the phone, to see if we can help you. The more details you can provide like pictures and videos, the more options we can provide you. And we will be better equipped to conduct the physical inspection.

Also, our modern sensors quickly identify the moisture and mold levels present in the air.

Once the situation is fully assessed, we will provide you with multiple options on how to solve the problem including a complete water restoration.

Timely Response and Comprehensive Completion of the Job

Considering that you are likely reaching out to us during a time of need. We understand that speed is very important. So we will begin working with you as soon as possible.

Although quick, we do not sacrifice the quality of the water restoration service. Our promise to you is a complete and comprehensive service.

You can expect a professional diagnosis and a professional execution of a solution.

Also, water damage can lead to mold. If you have a mold clean up, our experts are ready to take care of all your restoration needs.

Ask Help from Experts Now

Our Miami Water Damage Restoration team is ready to help!

Water Restoration can be many times more complex because of the potential severity of water damage. Sometimes it can be complex and require extensive knowledge in order to create the conditions for a favorable outcome.

Total Care Restoration will help you resolve the issue quickly, effectively, and with as much transparency as possible.  We are committed to providing water restoration service in Miami and South Florida that is unrivaled.

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