If you are experiencing a leak in your roof but aren’t able to get it replaced right away, a roof tarp may be the right solution for you. Roof tarps can help protect your roof and house from rain, snow, and wind and offer a temporary way to prevent leaks from occurring.

Roof Tarp Installations

If you are planning to install a roof tarp to your house, it is important to hire a professional rather than attempting to install one yourself.

Roof tarping is a large project that can be dangerous if not completed properly. Our contractors are experienced with roofs of all sizes and will complete the job accurately.

Roof Tarp Installations

Roof Tarps Offer A Temporary Solution For:

  • Hurricane or tornado damage
  • Fire damage
  • Home deterioration
  • Animal damage
  • Tree damage

How Long Can I Leave A Tarp On My Roof?

It is important to know that a roof tarp is a temporary fix for leaks caused by rain and storms. As soon as you are able to, it is a good idea to have your roof repaired or replaced in order to limit the amount of water damage and mold growth.

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Free Inspections

Have a leak and are considering if a roof tarp is the right solution for your property?

At Total Care Restoration – a roof tarp company – we provide roof tarp installations after free inspections and estimates on our services.

Free roof tarp Inspections

Steps Involved In Roof Tarp Installation

Whether it’s a minor roof leak or a major structural damage, roof tarping installation is the solution for such situations. Roof tarping can help prevent further damage to your property.

The  roof tarp installation process at Total Care Restoration is carried out in a strategic manner. 

  • Evaluating electrical damage or hazards.
  • Determining the equipment needed for temporary tarping & other repairs.

In case of heavy roof damage, the debris is removed from the area & we measure the area that has to be covered.

  • Tarping the whole area carefully to avoid any further structural damage.
  • Checking for interior damage.
  • Taking the necessary steps for damage control and remediation.

We also offer 24/7 emergency service to ensure that our services are available as soon as a mishap occurs at your property. You can contact our experts for a free assessment and they can give you a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, your insurance company will mostly cover the cost to tarp your roof. We have worked with several insurance companies and can help you file a claim.

The roof tarping process depends on the area we are working with and most of the insurances cover these charges. However, in case of major structural damage, your insurance company will take care of the tarping costs. Our experts will work with your insurance company to speed up the process for smooth working.

Our roof tarp installation can last for almost 3 months depending on the weather conditions of the area where we are operating.

The durability of a roof tarp depends on how securely it was applied on the affected area to provide protection. This protection can ensure that any small holes in the roof won’t turn into major leaks. A major leak can cause a lot of water & mold damage to the house.

Any roof tarp installation that we offer, we let our clients know that roof tarps are a temporary solution till permanent repairs take place. There are no long-term warranties offered by us but our tarp installation can withstand all weather conditions for almost 3 months.
Tarping saves your house from any water damage & mold damage. However, you can save your house from this damage by giving us a call.

Reach out to us and our professionals will be available to help you 24x7 for your water damage & fire damage repair solutions.

No, the tarps provided are not fireproof. You can always check the material description to know about its features and whether it’s fireproof or not.

If you work in environments with the risk of a fire starting, it is best to get fireproof tarps to cover the risk. In case of residential tarping, you can opt for the normal ones to secure your property.

No, we do not offer any discounts on the roof tarping installation service.

We have regular promo events. Keep a look out for them! For example - our regular monthly promos that allow you to get a preliminary evaluation at 50% off.

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