Whether you’ve had a small kitchen fire or your home has been ravaged with flames, it is important to have professional fire restoration services take a look at the situation. They can give you a better damage assessment & plan further actions.

As your local fire restoration company, we provide emergency smoke and fire cleanup services. Our goal is to move you back into your home or business sooner.

Our Process

Our fire damage restoration team will provide you with assistance and guidance throughout the entire restoration process.

  • We will ensure your property is secure during the fire restoration cleaning
  • We will assist you in finding a temporary home
  • We will work with your insurance company to file your claims 

Direct Billing To Insurance Is Available

Our  smoke and fire damage restoration contractors have years of experience working with various insurance companies. We use pictures, CRMs, and Cloud technology to file your claim and ensure you get a generous compensation for your loss.


  • Test your smoke alarms regularly
  • Inspect heating sources regularly
  • Keep the stove and oven clear
  • Don’t leave cooking food unattended 
  • Clean out lint traps in dryer
  • Be careful with candles
  • Store flammable products properly
  • Shut off all small appliances after use

Steps Involved In Fire Restoration Cleaning

Whenever a fire starts, it’s crucial to do everything possible to put it out before it spreads. A house fire can spread fast because of all the flammable materials present in the house.

Our fire restoration company has professionals in handling properties that have gone through fire and smoke damage. The steps involved in the fire restoration cleanup process are:

  • Initial inspection of the entire house to assess the damage caused by fire and smoke
  • Temporary roofing and tarping of damaged doors & windows to provide security & protect from further damage
  • If water is present, it is removed from the area immediately using pumps & then we use humidifiers to start the drying process
  • Usage of special equipment to remove smoke & soot from the walls & ceilings of the property
  • Removal of damaged material while trying our best to save some material including electronic gadgets & art work
  • After the removal & clean up, we give the provision of repair and reconstruction of the affected areas of the property

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There is no fixed timeline involved when it comes to our fire damage cleaning services. The whole process highly depends on the level of fire and how much area it has affected. The speed of fire restoration cleaning also depends on the materials that are present within the building.

In such cases, you can call our expert technicians who will visit the property to examine the damage and give you a free quote and estimate timeline.

Most of the home insurance policies provide complete cover for any sort of fire damage caused to the home.

Our fire restoration company has worked with several insurance companies in the past. They are aware of the whole procedure to get a claim from the insurance company for the fire. We provide the pictures & other related documents to the concerned insurance provider. Once the paperwork goes through, you can get the claim amount and reconstruct your house.

We would suggest that you not take such risks in cases of big fires. There is a lot of structural damage that makes the house weaker and can lead to bad accidents.

It is best to let a licensed inspector or a structural engineer visit the property to examine the damage. The assessment helps in making a plan of action for us and gives you an estimate of the damage caused.

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In case of an electrical fire, disconnect the device from the main outlet to cut out the power source if it’s safe to do so. Try putting out the fire using a fire extinguisher. Don’t use water or foam fire extinguishers to put out electrical fires as both can act as a conductor of electricity.

If the material that caught fire is wood, paper, cloth, trash or plastic, then you can use a foam extinguisher or water to put out the fire. These will cut the heat supply to the materials.

For materials like alcohol, petroleum, gasoline, and paint, you have to use foam, powder, or carbon-dioxide extinguishers. These are known to cut the oxygen supply to the fire and put it out.

It is best to leave further investigation and remediation to expert fire damage restoration services.