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Plumbing leaks, foundation cracks, natural disasters, and buildup of moisture – these are just some of the things that can cause water damage. They can lead into more serious problems, such as the growth of mold and bacteria. As they can wreak havoc in ways more than one, it is important to work with a reputable company for water damage restoration Miami. With the abundance of the choices you will be confronted with, there is no more need to look any further.

Work with us and we will extend a helping hand. With state-of-the-art technology and a competent workforce, we will make it easy to deal with any water damage! 

Professionals in Water Damage Restoration Miami

At Total Care Restoration, we take pride in having a team of workers who passed rigorous tests to prove that they are capable to handle any restoration job.

Also we provide our team with continuous training to be up to date with the best technology that can help in your restoration. We invest heavily in making them the best in what they do, and we recognize the fact that they are the best assets of our business.

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Commercial Water Restoration Experience

We are equipped to get to work quickly and restore your property and business in no time.

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 We Can Bill Your Insurance Directly

Most customers would want nothing but the best service possible. However, it is also true that not everyone has the luxury of financial resources to work with expensive companies.

With this in mind, as your trusted choice for water damage restoration Miami, we provide top-notch services while keeping our rates competitive.

We work with all insurance companies so we bill them directly, so you don’t have to come out of pocket in most cases. The reason is we fall under your emergency service mitigation service coverage under your property insurance.

Innovative Equipment for Every Problem

As a premier choice or water damage restoration Miami, we are also proud to have state-of-the-art equipment to perform every job, making sure that every problem will be resolved appropriately. From drying to disinfecting, dehumidifying to deodorizing, we have the right tools that will be instrumental towards the successful completion of every job.

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 Your Satisfaction in Our Guarantee

The best for water damage restoration in Miami, and we are committed towards not only meeting but even exceeding your expectations. In everything that we do, we only have one goal – to make you happy. Our restoration services are completed with utmost care to get into the root cause of the problem and carry out service that will paint a smile on your face.

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Don’t Have To Look Anymore We Are The Best Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Miami.

Contact us today and we will let you know what we can do to deal with water leaks and restore damage. We deal with all types of problems, and we work with different insurance companies.

We also offer free infrared inspection to help detect the problem and determine the best solutions to stop secondary damage.


With our expertise, you can be confident that every problem will be successfully dealt with.

Did Mold Develop In Your Commercial Property?

If your commercial property has mold, our commercial mold restoration team in Miami & South Florida is ready to help you 24/7.

Also if you need a residential water restoration, you can reach us 24/7.