Water Damage Restoration Pricing Explanation

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What Goes Into Pricing For Water Damage Restoration

What Goes Into Pricing For Water Damage Restoration

Common sources of water damage, like a heavy rainstorm or a flood, generally represent a financial hardship for home and property owners. For one thing, water damage restoration is usually accompanied by different services that you may need at the same time, like repairing siding in heavy winds or removing mold after flooding. Because of this, one of the biggest barriers that keeps people from doing restoration work (even if they really need it) is the price.

However, even for those in financial straits, you don’t want to cheap out on water damage restoration. Here’s a guide on what you can expect to pay, how contractors arrive at those numbers, and what you can do to try and save money in these scenarios.

The Numbers

Every water damage scenario is different. Sometimes, you may just be paying for a minor stain fix in an easily accessible area. In other cases, you may need to go deep into the drywall in order to do the restoration work. Because there is a lot of variance, the average price of a full water damage restoration for one basement (roughly 700 ft) is going to be $2,700. However, that price could go under $2,000 or as high as $7,000. How can one job change its costs so much? Here are some facts to consider.

Square footage: This is a pretty obvious factor? The larger the room or space that you need to have restored, the more you have to pay.

Where the water is: As alluded to before, in situations where water damage is behind a wall or in a place that’s not easy to reach, the contractor may need to remove portions of the room to effectively dry things out. This additional process may be reflected in the price.

Additional repair: A lot of the times, the biggest expense driver when it comes to water damage restoration is repairs for what the restorers need to do to access that water. For example, you will need to pay to get your drywall or carpet restored if the contractor needed to go through it to get to the water.

Hazard equipment: In some cases, like heavy flooding, dangerous water, like black water, may be present in the home. Anyone doing work in the home needs to wear protective equipment, and generally take a longer, more cautious process before the drying can begin.

If this sounds overly expensive, it’s important to remember exactly what goes into a water damage restoration. A full restoration generally includes multiple contractors working in your home, to remove standing water, decontaminate the area, dry out the area, and remove anything that is beyond salvaging. This means you are paying multiple professionals for their time, as well as for their specialized drying equipment to dry out the room.

Is There A Way To Save?

Unfortunately, a lot of the time, you’re at the mercy of how water damage started in your home when it comes to how much you actually have to pay. A clean burst pipe where water only gets on the floor won’t cost you much. Recovering after a flood in your basement can be a great deal more expensive. The best thing you can do is try to react quickly.

For example, after a rainstorm, be sure to look around your gutters and foundation to look for leaks. The faster you act, the less time you have for water damage to develop. Similarly, if you suspect a flood is coming, try to move as many valuables to higher ground as possible.

While it’s always important to adhere to a budget when it comes to home projects, for something like water damage restoration, you never want to race to the bottom. It’s well worth it to pay a little more for the peace of mind and protection of working with a company that has a proven body of work, as well as past customers that can serve as references.

For those in the South Florida and Miami areas, Total Care Restoration makes a perfect match. Not only do we believe in doing the most for our customers in the Miami area, but we’re also IICRC-certified. Along with affordability and free consultations for those on the fence, we also provide the expertise to make sure your money is well-spent.

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