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As wonderful as it is to live in Miami, there are pros and cons just like everywhere else. Living by the water is perhaps one of the best examples. While you can relax at the beach or just look at the ocean on a whim, being so close to the water also dramatically increases the risk of flooding for your home or business.

The best thing for Miami residents to do in situations like these is take a twofold approach:

  1. Make sure they have a plan in place on how to react to flood warnings and announcements.
  2. Partner with the best local flood restoration company on the market to deal with the damage floods bring.

For the second approach, you need to look no further than Total Care Restoration. Here are some of the benefits we offer for flood restoration services.

Experience and expertise

If anyone tells you that you can do DIY work to get your home looking like new again, this is a big mistake. Not only is there no guarantee that you will fully dry out your home with the tools at your disposal, but you’re also taking a serious risk by exposing yourself to flood debris, standing water, and other hazards.

We’ve been around for decades, which not only gives us plenty of experience with helping people in the Miami area, but also the best practices to get the job done and keep everyone safe.

Proper accreditation

Recovering after a flood is a sensitive time for any family or business owner. Not only have you incurred potential serious financial loss, you now also need to put your trust in strangers to get your property up and running again.

To put you at ease, we’ve taken the effort to get all the necessary certifications, including certification with the IICRC. This shows that we have the skills and credentials to help with all your flood restoration needs. You can also visit our website for testimonials from some of our happy customers.

Free evaluation

When it comes to flood damage, one of the most overwhelming things you may have to deal with early on is figuring out exactly what the extent is and how much it is going to cost you. We shoulder some of that burden at Total Care Restoration by offering a free water damage examination.

Have a better understanding of the work you need done with our help. From there, you can work with us to get the quick but thorough service we’ve become known for throughout the Miami area.

Care and transparency

Some people hesitate to reach out for professional restoration because they’ve heard horror stories about restoration scammers who provide subpar service then disappear before you realize what happened. At Total Care Restoration, it’s a top priority for us to make all customers feel at ease.

If you have questions about what we are doing or how we arrive at our prices, just ask and we will be happy to explain.

At Total Care Restoration, we work hard to do the most for all our customers in the Miami area. This not only means working to provide support after a flood, but also working to take care of tangential issues, like mold remediation that can stem from water damage. By being a one-stop-shop to take care of all your home restoration needs, we hope to be a valuable resource to homeowners and property owners alike.

Contact us today for an estimate or if you have additional questions regarding our services.

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