Why Get Your Indoor Air Quality Checked in the First Place?

Bad indoor air quality can affect your health.  The problem with this is that impacts each person differently. For example, if we look at the health impact of mold alone, there are dozens of different symptoms that can arise based on the sensitivities of the occupants and the types of mold present.

In addition, children or the elderly may feel this on a greater scale than a normal healthy adult. With this said, there are a few common health issues we can associate with bad air quality

  • Allergic reactions: The most common situation is something like dust, mold, or pollen triggering a traditional allergic reaction. Issues here can range from irritation of the skin to coughing and sneezing.
  • Increased sensitivity: In some cases, you may not have any reaction to exposure to a certain chemical or entity in the air. However, it’s been chosen that this can change over time, leading to a new sensitivity to a certain chemical.
  • Lethargy/mental health issues: Feelings of fatigue or depression have been linked to air quality problems in some cases.
  • Increasing additional issues: Studies have shown that poor air quality can increase the impact of other existing health issues.

Note that these are just a few of the common elements associated with bad air quality. Certainly, prolonged exposure to asbestos or carbon monoxide can prove life-threatening. One of the most difficult things about this is that the most common reactions to bad air quality aren’t that different than a common cold. This is why it’s important to have regular air testing done, rather than just relying on your symptoms.

The Myths & Facts About Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Mistake: Only people in urban environments need to invest in air quality testing

Fact: A common error people make is thinking that outdoor air quality determines what your indoor quality is.  No, they are two separate entities.  For example, a rural home with mold issues or poorly cleaned air ducts is no different than an urban home that is surrounded by VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), both of these properties are susceptible to poor indoor air quality.  

Mistake: Air quality doesn’t really matter health wise.

Fact: This far from the truth.  For example, mold can trigger some sensitivities, even for healthy people, certain types can lead to lethargy, breathing problems, and even mental health issues.  It’s even worse with children or elderly people.

Mistake: Opening windows is the only way to improve air quality

Fact: The windows are only one of several options.  Cleaning, indoor air plants, a properly cleaned ventilation system, and even running your fans are among the few options you have to improve indoor air quality.

Why DIY Indoor Air Quality Testing Doesn’t Work

DIY Sign

It’s easy to head to the local improvement store to pick up an air quality kit to test your home’s air.  But these tend to fail for a lot of the same reasons as DIY mold remediation. Here’s a closer look at why DIY indoor air quality tests fall short versus a professional helping you:

  • You get what you are paying for. Meaning, you would be likely to capture 2-3 out of the dozens of potential pollutants on your test, if that. For instance, if you have traces of a small mold problem it will not show up because it’s too small.
  • Home kits don’t match the sophistication of Total Care Restoration’s testing methods. In addition, they paint an incomplete picture of the possible pollutants in your home.
  • We collect calibrated air samples inside your home. Usually, one for each floor. These provide data on pollutants in your home most take-home kits can’t rival.
  • Overall, the common person lacks subject matter knowledge of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Cost of Indoor Air Quality Testing

*Our inspections don’t include lab reports but will provide you with a solid direction on whether you will need a 3rd party testing company or not.


Miami’s Indoor Air Quality Inspection Company

As you can see, improving your indoor air quality is more than just a matter of making things more comfortable, but keeping you and your family protected from a variety of potential threats. With stakes like these, you want to ensure that you’re not relying on an inconsistent home kit, but have a group of skilled professionals in your corner to help detect any issues and help you come up with a plan of action.

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