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Ever wonder what’s coming out of your Miami air ducts and vents? Most likely polluted air. Indoor Air Quality is an underrated health factor many people overlook.  Actually, EPA has ranked indoor air pollution a top 5 environmental danger. Your eyebrow went up too?

Americans spend 90% of their lives inside. Yikes. We should get out more.  But while you are inside let’s make sure that 2,700 gallons of air you breathe a day is the cleanest air possible – free of particles, bioaerosols, gases. Oh, and rodent and insect infestations. Want to learn more about Indoor Quality inspections, read here.

Air Duct cleaning should be done every 2 to 3 years according to NADC (National Air Duct Cleaner Association).  Keep in mind that homes with pets and children should have their homes cleaned more frequently.

Creating a Cleaner Living Environment Is Essential For a Happy Home!

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6 Common Symptoms You Maybe Experiencing with Dirty Air Ducts.

Chronic Coughing Lethargy & Feeling Unwell Headaches
Eczema, Rashes or Hives Wheezing or Difficulty Breathing Fever
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Warning Signs…

  • You’re Always Sweeping or Dusting, No Matter How Often You Clean
  • Spikes in Energy Bills
  • Signs of Visible Mold Growth
  • Allergic Reactions or Sinus Problems are Triggered More Often
  • Cause People with Asthma to be More Prone to Attacks
  • Your Home Was Just Built or Undergone Some Sort of Renovation
  • Visual Blockages Outside of Your Vents

Curious on how to maintain your indoor air quality after your AC Ducts are cleaned, read here.

Common Issues With AC Ducts

  1. Poorly Sealed Registers & Grillsbasically this means air can escape your ducts because they aren’t properly sealed
  2. Poor Design if your equipment isn’t sized or functioning properly it cannot supply and return the required airflow. 
  3. Your Ductwork is Leaking this can not only allow pollutants to enter your home, but also decreases the efficiency the air circulating.
  4. Inferior Plastic Air Ductsthese are very common in homes. The downside? The insulation may cause your plastic ducts to be twisted, kinked, crushed or torn.
  5. Air Ducts That Aren’t Properly Insulatedthis can allow a loss of cooled air for the super-hot Miami summers.
  6. Dirty Air Ductsthis usually happens when you have ducts that have not been cleaned for a bit of time – causing dust, pollutants, and germs to recirculate into your home. This is where Total Care Restoration comes in to help you.

4-Step Cleaning Process Explained…

  1. We Use A Specialized Brush Called the Rotobrush in Combination With a Vacuum.  This Creates Negative Pressure Which is Considered a Closed System.  This Closed System Allows Us To Suck or Pull Any Loose Dust, Air Pollutants, or Debris From Your Ducts.  We Then Dispose of This Properly.  
  2. Then We Go In a Second Time With Another Set Of Brushes To Remove Any Debris We Missed The First Time – Double Cleaning In a Sense. 
  3. Thirdly, We Fog The Insides of Your AC Ducts.  Fogging Is One of The Most Important Steps Because It Acts As a Sanitizer – Killing Any Mold or Mold Spores.  Think You Might Need Mold Remediation, read here.
  4. The 4th & Final Step Consists of Us Cleaning Your AC Duct Registers – Registers is Another Name For The Common Vents You See In Your Home.  
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Fights Unpleasant Odors & Mold Growth

Breathe Easier, Tranquility Is Everything

Reduce Allergens & Irritants

Improves Air Flow Efficiency

Increases Energy Savings

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First Class Customer ServiceWe assign you a personal account manager that holds your hand through the entire process. Skilled technicians will hand your property with the utmost care.  Service department that communicates with you seamlessly throughout your journey.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We also understand the demand for transparency from today’s contractors, and are happy to keep you in the loop.  We understand that maintaining a home can be another job in and of itself. This is why we believe in going to the next level when it comes to providing services to you. If you have questions about how our air duct cleaning works or how we arrive at our rates and estimates, feel free to ask.

Improving the cleanliness of your air ducts ensures that you and your family are breathing the best air possible regularly -2,700 gallons per day! By working with us, you know you have the experience and expertise to keep your home comfortable and safe. Contact us today if you think you need one of our suite of services, have questions, or want to get an estimate.