Watch the video to see how an office sanitization  service is executed. It's all about touch point cleaning, removing airborne particulates and applying disinfectants properly.

Sanitizations Starting at $349

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Home & Business Sanitization Services in COVID-19 Era

As of this writing, there are currently over 65,000 cases of COVID-19 nationwide, and over 1,000 deaths. Businesses across the country are either shutting down or going remote, and social distancing is being practiced across the board to try and flatten the curve and manage spread so our healthcare system can handle it.  It's been an interesting challenge for all of us to change our behaviors in these times.

The Invisible Enemy Is Our Enemy

For those homes that may still have people coming in and out, or workplaces that are essential and can’t go remote, sanitation is an essential part of public health. 

Minimizing secondary transmission from surfaces that have viral contaminants is essential in trying to control the spread.   

Home Sanitization 

While many people are practicing remote work or self-isolation to reduce the risk of infection, there are still a few risk factors for infection . Known as touch points, any sort of port of entry like a home, doorknobs, doorbells, and handles can carry viral particles on them. 

The bulk of the germs that we carry from the outside world are left on these areas, where they can be picked up by other people who live in the home. In addition, certain spaces of the house like the bathroom or kitchen are common vectors for all germs and require extra attention when it comes to cleaning.

The Dual Approach - Touch Point Cleaning & Changing Our Behaviors

It doesn’t stop there.  Cases like where hoarding and over shopping exist may mean that there’s a lack of cleaning supplies to actually do the work of apply disinfection cleaners.  Another concern is for the elderly or disabled who may not be able to handle all the cleaning themselves.

Some of these people may be reliant on home cleaners that aren't as effective as antimicrobial cleaners. In these cases, a professional service can help fill that void by using their own equipment, special chemicals, and expert application techniques to safely clean a space -making sure that every germ vector is taken care of.

Household Cleaners Don’t Cut It, But This Can!


Office Sanitization

There are many office settings that are unable to go remote, but are also essential during this period. Office environments have even larger sanitation concerns because there are many germ vectors shared with a home, but people may also be bringing illnesses into work from their own communities.

The infectiousness of COVID-19 is a major concern for employers because you want your employees to feel safe while working and lack the fear to come into work. Employees need to know that you are doing your part. If employees stay home or quit due to safety fears your business won’t able to function.

Commercial-scale business sanitization and disinfection is ideal for a professional company due to its size and the practice of following CDC guidelines in sanitizing the entire office.   In addition, you don’t want to interfere with normal operations so trying to penny pinch with a non-certified company could provide challenges with scheduling and proper project execution. 

HAZARDOUS Waste/Mold Cleaning

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  • Clean all the decorative items, clean around   horizontal areas where dust may accumulate, clean floors, clean any handles, wipe down walls/ceiling.
  • All done with Cat-4 hospital grade disinfect
Clean air handler

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  • Measure A/C intake to order a custom filter.  We give you one year free.
Air Quality Check

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  • We a use device to check air quality of your property
  • Know what you are breathing in.
UV Light Installation

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  • Installation includes the UV Light System
  • Installed near the coils to prevent mold or bacteria growth as air passes through. 

Why Us?

  • We have the proper tools, training, and IIRC trained technicians to execute small and large-scale projects
  • Use 100% eco-friendly products for pets & kids
  • Comply to CDC guidelines of killing viruses, bacteria or germs
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