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We Are An Emergency Restoration Services Company That Is Focused On "You," The Client.

Our number one priority is getting your property back to preexisting condition.  And we know that there are many choices for you to pick from.  We understand the various concerns you may have including the tedious and frustrating  evaluation of picking the right company. Botched projects from non-licensed or certified companies can end up costing you more money.  All we suggest is to check each company’s track record before deciding, your diligent research will pay off.  

Just think of us as the pain reliever of the emergency restoration services industry.  Working with us is as easy as being yourself – it’s that simple.  You will never need another problem solver ever again.  

Doral Residential & COMMERCIAL Restoration services 

Water Damage Restoration

Roof Water Damage Restoration

Water can be a true annoyance. From a random water pipe bursting or common roof leak,the most important thing to remember is that water damage emergencies can lead to mold problems if left untreated overtime.  14,000 homes have a water damage emergency in the US a day.  Your quick response time is clutch.  

Mold Removal

Man shocked to mold a kitchen cabinet.

Did you know Florida is in the top 5 states that have mold related issues in people's properties? With that said, most don't know the severity of their mold problem until a professional company comes to visit. And that's because mold thrives in hidden, wet and airflow lacking areas. Initial growth stages of mold take only 24-48 hours to develop!

Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration 

Fire Damage In Home

When the fire truck leaves your property you will likely suffer from fire, smoke, and water damage - the triple whammy.  

Organization, execution speed, insurance documentation,pervasive odor smell, soot deep cleaning and water damage repair expertise is something you want to evaluate  when selecting a fire damage restoration company for your project. 

Roof Tarps & Shrink Wrapping

Difficult Shrink Wrap Roof Example

Roof Tarps at best can last over 30 days and can provide buffer time in protecting your property. In all reality, shrink wrapping provides the best temporary roof solution on the market at bit steeper price.  It's all about your budget and property improvement plan when deciding on which one. 

AC Duct Cleaning


Dirty ducts are no bueno.  And when we spend 90% of our lives inside, making sure the lungs of our property are clean should be a priority.  Although, AC duct cleaning has never been proven to prevent illness, there are many benefits of the service that include extending the system's durability, improving air flow, saving money, reducing allergens, and eliminating odors. 

Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Indoor Air Quality Inspection_Woman Sleeping

A common fact is that children and the elderly are more sensitive to poor indoor air quality then the rest of the population.  Here in Florida, 23% of the population is 60+.  Believe it or not, most people overlook the importance of indoor air quality in regards of their health.  Having excellent air quality is achievable. Overall, it can reduce the chances of people getting ill such as anything from a headache to a virus and can even help you sleep better.

Emergency Service Experts-Local & Professional- 24/7 aVAILABILITY

We have helped thousands of clients completely restore their homes and businesses with no out of pocket cost.

Direct Insurance Billing Specialists

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Why Total Care Restoration?

  • Served over 500 clients in the South Florida and helped Panama City get back up on their feet. We can handle all types of complex restoration projects.
  • Our local response time is next to none. We know our city from end to end, every nook and cranny.
  • Account managers are personally assigned to each project. Frustrated?  Completely lost about what your policy covers?  Just downright mad?  These are the people to talk to or take it out on -express your concerns, they have answers.
  • IICRC & NORMI certified technicians are trained to execute your project in a clean, fast and efficient manner.
  • Direct insurance billing is our specialty. Getting this done right the first time and saving you money is what we’re good at.  
  • 24/7 Emergency Restoration Response 
Satisfaction Guaranteed

From Shrink wrapping a Roof To Mold Removal We Have You Covered.

Check Out Our Offers Below! We Are Bonded, Licensed and Insured. 

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