What Happens Before The Water Damage Process

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Before The Restoration Water Damage Restoration Proces

Before The Restoration Water Damage Restoration Proces

Understanding what happens before the water damage restoration process occurs can be perplexing.  You may find yourself going through an incredibly emotional and difficult experience. Getting your home or office back to the way it was will be foremost on your mind, as will finding a restoration company that can help you through the process. [Step by Step Water Damage Restoration Guide]

How do you choose a reputable water damage restoration company?

  1. Look Locally

A company who works locally will be able to get to your house or business quickly to assess the damage and start the restoration process. This can be important in preventing further damage from occurring.

  1. Check Credentials

There are industry standards that exist that determine how a home or office should be restored after water damage. A company that has been IIRC certified will be skilled in those standards and have nationally recognized and approved expertise to deal with water damage in Miami.

  1. Works with Insurance

The cost for water damage restoration can be expensive. If a company won’t work with your insurance company or forces you to be the go-between for communication, you might consider looking for another restoration company.

  1. Check References

Finding company reviews and references online is easy. No company will ever have all positive reviews (and you should be a little suspicious if they do), but they should have more positive than negative reviews.

Water Damage Timeline

  1. Inspection

The first step in the restoration process is inspecting the damage and determining what needs to be fixed. Restoration technicians use moisture sensors and meters to see how wet an area is and how far the damage goes. They will test the ceiling, walls, and carpet/carpet pad or other flooring.

During the inspection, talking with the technician will allow you to find out exactly what needs to be done and what will be done to correct the destruction. If tear-out needs to occur, finding out who will be doing repairs at the end of the job is important.

  1. Remove Standing Water

Standing water will be removed so that any other needed work will be able to continue.

  1. Prevent Further Damage

Taking care of water damage in Miami needs to be accomplished in a timely manner. This step may include calling a plumber (if one is needed) to take care of any leaks or pipe breaks. Affected flooring, walls, and ceiling may also need to be removed. The integrity of certain structural materials could be weakened by water damage. If this material can’t be dried properly, it will be removed.

  1. Drying

This step often involves placing fans and a dehumidifier into the affected area. In some cases, plastic sheeting and heaters might be placed to aid in the evaporation and subsequent drying.

It may be necessary to remove baseboards or drill holes in walls so that they dry properly. Part of the carpet may also have to be raised to allow the carpet and/or the pad to dry. The chance of odor and mold growth increases if these processes aren’t followed. Structural damage could also occur from excessive moisture.

  1. Monitoring

From the moment the call is made until the area is dry, the technicians will monitor the progress. Using their meters, they’ll test the moisture levels and monitor their equipment to ensure it is working properly. This process may take from one day to several depending on the severity of the damage.

  1. Completion

Eventually, the meters will show that the moisture levels are equal to the previous dry state of the room, and the fans and dehumidifiers will be removed from the area. This is the point in time when the water remediation process is considered complete.

  1. Repair Additional Damage

Depending on the work that needs to be completed, the water restoration company may do it themselves or contact a subcontractor. If they don’t have a subcontractor that works for them, they may recommend contractors for the homeowner to contact. If you have your own contractor, you will be able to contact them if you so choose.

At Total Restoration Care, our technicians have the certification and expertise to help you with water damage in Miami. Contact us today for your restoration needs.

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