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Do You Have A Claim?

If you find yourself in need of home restoration, be it because of a natural disaster or normal wear and tear problems that can arise over time, it is helpful to have someone turn to for honest advice about how to proceed. The first thing many people do is to pick up the phone and call their insurance company.

But, as the insurance company most likely has their own best interest in mind, this is not necessarily the best course of action. Several things can happen if you do this, including getting an inaccurate or incomplete assessment of the damage by a contractor hired by the insurance company specifically to keep costs low, or have the insurance company flat out refuse to cover the issue, essentially leaving you in the lurch.

Hire An Adjuster

If you are not aware of the specifics of exactly what your insurance policy covers, you could also end up getting stuck with a bill for something you are not liable for. That is why it is best to hire a public adjuster who can give you an unbiased assessment of the damage, so that you can proceed with confidence and get everything repaired the right way with no out of pocket expenses for you. 

Assignment of Benefits

Assignment of Benefits is a method by which a restoration company will assess the damage for you and deal directly with your insurance company so that all the details are taken care of by experienced professionals with your best interest in mind.

Total Care Restoration will provide a broad and accurate assessment of what needs to be restored and make the insurance claim for our clients. If an insurance company refuses the claim, we have attorneys that work on behalf of our clients at no cost to them, and we always win our claims. 

Florida allows AOB

Brief description on AOB and not all states have AOB. But Florida does.


What to expect when you do AOB?

If you choose to do an assignment of benefits, the process of getting your home repaired will be streamlined, as all communication occurs directly between our contractors and the insurance company. We do our absolute best to get all of the damage covered, at no cost to you. That means that the whole process will be taken care of start to finish by us, and you will incur no additional out of pocket expenses.

You will not have to spend hours on the phone arguing with the insurance company, and pouring over the fine print because we will take care of all of those details for you. Put your claim in the hands of experienced professionals who will have your best interests in mind.

If you are in the midst of dealing with damage to your home or business, Total Care Restoration can help. Call to make your appointment today. 

Will I still get paid when I do an AOB?

Yes you will get paid for all repairs that are covered under your home owners policy.

This is why we recommend getting a public adjuster, as they will help you file the claim correctly. This way you will get paid as much as possible.

Contact us to get an estimate on your repairs after a water, mold or fire damage. 


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