What Happens After The Water Damage Restoration Process

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After The Water Damage Process

After The Water Damage Process

The length of time it takes to restore water damage in Miami will depend on the severity of the destruction and how many rooms were impacted. Some losses are small, only impacting part of a room and involving little to no water. Other losses could affect an entire home and involve large amounts of standing water.

If the damage was caused by clean water, efforts that might be required include drying the area and then putting items back in their place. If the destruction was large or caused by grey or black water, the process might be more involved and include the following.

What to Expect After the Cleanup Process

Sanitation and Cleaning

After the water has been sucked out and the area is dry, the restoration company may do a final cleaning that involves sanitizing so that bacteria can’t grow and ridding the home or office of any unwanted smells due to water damage in Miami with a deodorizer. This may involve cleaning the affected walls or flooring, including a carpet cleaning for any impacted carpet and carpet pad.

Getting rid of bacterial growth and other substances that may have been present in the water is important for the health of the occupants. If these pathogens aren’t removed, it could lead to illness and continued bacterial growth, which could contribute to a foul odor in the area. 

Mold Growth

Mold thrives in moist environments, and those are created after water damage. To prevent this from occurring, it’s important that an area is dried properly and then sanitized. Unfortunately, preventing all mold growth may not be possible, but a good restoration company will be able to remove any mold that grows and inform the home or business owner about the likelihood of this occurring.

There are a variety of different molds that exist in the world. The most feared is black mold. There have been studies and tests that have shown this mold can cause health problems. In reality, any type of mold can have detrimental impacts. If an individual is allergic to mold, it will impact their health. Various types of mold can grow in places that are damp—conditions that are certainly created after water damage in Miami. Taking care of all mold growth is the best way to protect people’s health.


During some water losses, the flooring, walls, or ceiling may have been torn out due to damage or the inability for it to dry properly.  Eventually, these will need to be repaired and/or replaced. It’s possible that the restoration company will take care of small jobs, but they may also leave any and all reconstruction to a subcontractor they work with or recommend one for you to contact.

This is often discussed during the first stage of the mitigation process so that you know exactly what’s going on. If an insurance claim has been filed, it will also be discussed with the insurance agent, and they may have a say in whether or not things will be torn out or dried to the best of their ability. Open communication and asking questions are the best ways to get answers for this process.

Insurance Claims

It is common to find insurance companies and restoration companies working together during this process. They remain in contact to obtain information about the job and if any issues have arisen that need to be fixed. In some cases, the restoration company will send the invoice and/or work orders directly to the insurance company. It’s also possible that the insurance will pay the restoration company directly. Talking to the restoration technician or your agent is the best way to find out how this process will be handled for water damage in Miami.

When all work has been completed, there is generally a walk-through that occurs with the home or business owner, the insurance adjustor or agent, and the technicians. This will ensure that all work has been completed satisfactorily and meets the expected standards. [A Step-by-Step Water Damage Restoration Guide]  If it does not, a plan will be put in place to correct any issues. If it does, the job will be finished.

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