About Us

We are a local, family business, which focuses on property emergencies.  These emergencies can range from water leaks, shower pan failures, and sewage backups in your plumbing systems to other leaks like roof leaks and window leaks.

We also have years of experience in other services that are less common like odor control, vandalism clean up, and restoration after a fire.

During Hurricane Irma in South Florida and Michael in Panama City, we helped hundreds of households and businesses.

In addition to experience, we have all the necessary certifications. All of our Lead technician and account managers have the required certifications. They also have “on the job training” for all types of jobs.  

We strive to give the highest level of service and leave each home completely sanitized. Also, we make sure to leave each customer with the best possible air quality.

As we care about our customers, we are one of the few companies that will assign a specialized account representative to go out with the technicians to educate you on the process. You will get personalized services to what you really need and hold your hand through every aspect of the job.  

History of the Family Business 

The family business started when Pedro Hernandez came from Havana, Cuba to  Miami, FL in the late 1960s to start a new life. Coming here to this country with nothing but his family and education, he decided to study and became a CPA. Being that his older brother was a great plumber and he needed someone to run the books for him, they decided to go into business and open Hernandez plumbing.

Hernandez plumbing was established in 1972 and still in operation today!

For most of the following 40 years after Hernandez plumbing was established, Rafael Diaz, his son in law, helped run and maintain the company’s reputation, operations, and sales.  

Fast-forward to 2011, Alejandro Diaz, being the only grandson out of 5 boys that were ever interested in the plumbing business decided to take the family business to the third generation.

Alejandro learned early on in his life about hard work growing up around the plumbing business. He started going out to work with his father as a kid in the summers usually digging ditches to run pipes. He then worked in the company while attending FIU to graduate with a bachelor in business, became a service plumber, to then started running the service department, to eventually studying and getting the difficult state plumbing license.

During the years of working in the service department, he realized that there was a missing link with the business. The problem was once we helped customers with most of our services like locate a leak, unclogged a backup drain line or repair a leak under the sink we left the homeowner waiting for no one to show up to remediate the mold, clean up the water, and some of the conditions were horrible to live in. This problem presented a new opportunity for him and the family to grow into.

That’s when he decided to continue to learn more about emergency restoration companies and what certifications/licenses were needed. The more he learned, the more he realized that it was a great fit. Most restoration companies derived from carpet cleaning companies that really don’t fix any leaks or have experience in construction at all. The first part of any restoration company job is to locate the problem as soon as possible and make sure it’s repaired.

The most common property emergencies are water leaks that are plumbing related and he had the years of experience locating all types of leaks.

Do you want a carpet cleaning company locating a complicated water leak? In 2015 Total Care Restoration LLC was established to handle these emergencies.

Being one of the few companies to ever have a background in leak detection and background in running a successful plumbing business the company had a huge advantage. The company expanded from just one person, After the first year, Alejandro, in a shared 1,000sqft warehouse to presently over 20 employees and purchased a 13,000 sqft property near Downtown Doral with 10,000 sqft of warehouse and office space.

This success is a tribute to having a great team, hard work, creating high service standards and providing excellent customer service! We truly solve property emergency that most people go through in a quick, simple, and pleasant way.

Our Mission

Help homeowners and business owners restore their damage properties to a pristine condition with the highest level of service, care, and integrity.  

We specialize in Mold remediation and Indoor Air Quality. With over 40 years of construction background, we were able to create and provide a simple “in house” three-step approach that goes across the board for any property emergency and any project we take on. It’s called stop it, remove it, maintain it!

Basically, anything that is causing damage to your property in any way we have stopped it and restored it back to a livable condition!

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We are a IICRC certified company, so you know you are working with experts.

Also we are a BBB accredited business, and we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service.

Our reviews are excellent in Yelp!

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